20 high knees
20 butt kickers
20 toe touch jumping jacks
10 broad jumps
10 alt. Cossack squats (side lunges)
10 alt. scorpions
10ea. leg swings – side/side, forward/back
10ea. kneeling lunges (drive hips forward 5 sec, keep shoulders above hips)
30 sec calf stretch, each side
30 sec. quad stretch, each side
Metcon (Time)
400m Run (2-3min)
21 Box Jumps or Step-ups
400m Run
15 Box Jumps
400m Run
9 Box Jumps

Rest, start next WOD at beginning of next minute after 5 full rest minutes.

get creative for box jumps/step-ups (chair, coffee table, curb, etc.)
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
7 minutes of walking lunges
Accumulate 2 minutes of plank hold

*Within the 7 minutes accumulate 2 minutes of plank hold how you wish, score total reps of walking lunges