We deliver a positive and challenging fitness program through high-quality coaching and community building, where we all — from CrossFit kids and grandparents to elite athletes and coaches — strive for excellence in our lifelong journey of becoming fitter and healthier.

Folsom City CrossFit

Folsom City CrossFit (FCCF) is a strength and conditioning program available and suited for all levels of fitness. We offer group instruction and personal training that focus on becoming proficient in all *10 general physical skills of fitness.

Our program is built around CrossFit Methodologies.

The backgrounds of our clients are diverse, but their fitness needs differ only by degree, not kind.

We train all students, military personnel, police officers, housewives, and grandparents.


To improve lives and empower individuals to consistently overcome life’s physical and mental challenges.

To provide tools and support for sustained health, fitness and overall well being.

To be an encouraging role model of a healthy lifestyle and a positive influence in our local community.

*10 general physical skills of fitness: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.