Brandon Broddrick

L2 Coach
CF Olympic Lifting Cert / CF Endurance Cert

Brandon started coaching at FCCF in November 2013. He has a background in many different sports ranging from golf to rugby. He played football and rugby throughout high school and continues to play recreational sports today. He is an Army Veteran with a background in leadership and training. He has a degree in Sports and Health Sciences, along with several different CrossFit Certifications. His passion for fitness is evident in his desire to not only continue his education but to also pass that knowledge on to his athletes.

Brandon stresses how important it is to find what motivates you to stay healthy and fit. If that is CrossFit, awesome, if what you do in a traditional gym works, excellent. Just find what drives you to be healthy and stick with it.

When comparing his training in the military to CrossFit, he found that he performed better in the four months of doing CrossFit, than the other four years and eight months of military training combined. He had a higher Physical Fitness Test score, lower body fat percentage, and a drastically increased stamina. His Platoon Sergeant saw so much improvement in Brandon that he had him start leading their morning workouts which followed a CrossFit style design.

“I coach because¬†I have a passion for the community. I take pride in being able to help others grow and learn. I not only get to push them to succeed but they push me to improve as well. Every workout is a battle and I get the opportunity to fight through that with my athletes every day! There is no better feeling than accomplishing something you never thought you could, or pushing yourself through something you didn’t want to. I love helping athletes do that and being a part of winning that battle.”

Education and Experience

  • B.S. Sports and Health Sciences, American Military University
  • Level One CrossFit Training Cert
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting Cert
  • Military Police (5 Years)
  • Group & Personal Training (3 Years)
  • CrossFit Endurance Cert