Our nutrition coach will help tailor a plan that is right for you to meet your goals. Proper Nutrition is 10% knowing what to eat and 90% having a system of accountability!

Our nutrition program will help you to see potential barriers that are currently stopping you from meeting your nutrition goals. We will show you strategies to help you create healthy habits that last a lifetime.


To create lasting change we must change our behavior and form new habits that help us to see food as fuel for our bodies.

The more we learn to see food as fuel the easier it is to create healthy dietary habits. Our quarterly nutrition challenges help you to prioritize your nutrition in ways that build healthy habits to optimize your performance and change your physique.

These challenges utilize the social aspect of supporting one another while we try to accomplish difficult tasks.

Coaching Plans

Nutrition +



  • Diet Assessment
  • Monthly Follow-Up Meeting
  • Access to Exclusive Online Nutrition Group
  • 50% off Group Nutrition Challenges

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Nutrition Coach



  • Initial Hour-Long Assessment
  • Weekly 20-Minute Meeting & Weigh-In
  • Personalized Plan
  • Unlimited Email Accountability
  • Access to Exclusive Online Nutrition Group
  • Free Access to Group Nutrition Challenge

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Group Challenge


6-week challenge

  • Held Twice Yearly
  • Before & After Weigh-in Included
  • Various Prizes & Awards!

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Basic Weigh-in


Per Visit

  • Caliper Measurements
  • Calculate Bodyfat
  • Calculate Lean Muscle Mass

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For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact us!

The right nutrition fuels our success. When our nutrition is dialed in we:

 Look Good
 Feel Good
 Perform Better

Stage 1: Get a Plan
In your first month, you’ll visit with Jessie Ingram, Registered Dietitian, to talk about your goals, get measured, and build a sustainable nutrition plan.

Stage II as Accountability
This is where most people struggle: maintaining good nutrition for life. In this stage, you’ll meet with Jessie either once per month, or each week (depending on your plan) to review goals, get remeasured (if necessary), and make small tweaks.